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Why did Ola the Orca swim alone? Book 4
Why did Ola the Orca swim alone? Book 4

Why did Ola the Orca swim alone? Book 4

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Why did Ola the Orca swim alone? is Book 4 in the Sasha and Friends series and is a story about friendship and community support after emotional loss. Ola the Orca once led a wonderful life with her female pod, enjoying the freedom of migration and the safety of being in a group. But one day her world was turned upside down when her entire pod was captured by a fishing trawler which Ola managed to escape. Scared and alone, Ola seeks refuge in the bay where she has always felt safe, and learns to live without her pod by her side. This is a beautiful story about adaptation and acceptance of difference and that being different doesn't matter when it comes to true friendship. 

The Sasha and Friends series introduces readers to wildlife and conservation issues as part of interesting stories, but most of all, it builds an interest in the characters by blending actual species facts with the character traits. The stories in this series also showcase issues such as competition versus cooperation, kindness versus rivalry and disability versus ability and always encourages the reader to relate to a sense of community and growing through being challenged.

All books are premium hard cover and include 4 bonus collector cards with educational fun facts, there are 20 to collect. Suitable for all ages.

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