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Wet Bag - Tropical (Last one!)

Wet Bag - Tropical (Last one!)

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The Bedhead Wet Bag is perfect for getting damp items home safely from the beach or pool - without saturating everything else!

Simply wring out wet swimmers, pop them in Wet Bag and close the zip. Available from Baby Steps on the Coast in a variety of styles to coordinate with your little ones swim hat.

Instructions for use

  • Wring out excess water/dampness from wet items.
  • Place damp items inside Wet Bag.
  • Close Wet Bag zipper to keep items secure.
  • Remove damp items from Wet Bag as soon as possible to air dry.


  • Leaving damp items in Wet Bag can cause colours to bleed.
  • Leaving damp items in Wet Bag overnight will cause musty odour and possibly mould.
  • Always remove damp items as soon as possible to air dry​.