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Roshambo Baby

Strap & Ear Adjuster Kit | Baby and Toddler

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Roshambo Baby sunglasses strap and ear adjuster kit comes with two options to get the perfect fit for your child’s sunglasses! The head strap and ear adjusters are both made with a comfortable, stretchy, light, and easily detachable food grade clear silicone material that is a perfect addition to your baby or toddler size sunglasses.

How to use the Sunglasses Strap
The head strap will help keep sunglasses on your child’s face to prevent losing them or sliding off during playtime. The strap has hollow tips on each end, which slide right onto the end of the sunglasses arm pieces. The straps are designed to tuck right behind your child’s ears, and not bother them whilst being worn on endless adventures.

How to use the Ear Adjusters
The baby and toddler Ear Adjuster pieces help create a better fit on infants or toddlers growing into a larger size. Made of silicone, these adjusters help tighten up the fit of the sunglasses arms, and are designed to be soft and flexible for baby’s ears. The ear adjuster piece slides up the arm of the sunglasses on each side. It should tuck behind your child’s ear if the arm is too long and the glasses are sliding off their face.

For junior sizes, you may want to get our collection of Roshambo Baby Ear Grips.

Each kit includes 1x Sunglasses Strap; 1x Ear Adjusters set.