About Us

Here at Baby Steps on the Coast, we are a young family who simply needed their baby to sleep - we were new parents to an overtired baby with extremely sensitive skin and we just weren't sure what to do! After many sleepless nights we were introduced to the Baby Shusher which was game changing for us, our baby learnt to self-settle and finally started to sleep through the night. With a few good nights of sleep, we then began to research our options to help our baby with sensitive skin and the benefits of bamboo fibre - to say we were amazed with what we found is an understatement! After hours, and then weeks of research we came across Petit Bamboo Babywear, a product which is 95% mechanically made bamboo fibre, and thought, how can we help other parents out there in our situation save time, but still be able to provide the best for their children and our environment?

As parents who are passionate about leaving the right kind of footprints for our children to follow in, we wanted to share our findings and product research with not just our family and friends, but everyone! We believe in protecting our precious ones skin with non-toxic, earth-friendly and sustainable clothing which also looks great, and so with a nudge of encouragement from loved ones, Baby Steps on the Coast was born!

Our aim at Baby Steps on the Coast is to offer affordable items which are versatile and practical in all climates, especially our tropical heat here on the Gold Coast!

- Rebecca Burke (Founder, Baby Steps on the Coast)