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Baby Steps on the Coast

Throw Blankets

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Share the love with this big-kid version of the Coco Moon Hawaii super-soft swaddles - made for all those parents and older siblings who “borrow” the baby’s favourite Coco Moon swaddles. Heavenly layers of muslin give you light warmth on chilly nights, get softer every wash, and are the perfect gift for kids of all ages.

The Coco Moon Throw Blanket is also available in Nalu Print with Frills and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Available exclusively at Baby Steps on the Coast in Tiare Blooms, Backyard Oasis, Surf Report, Kai Camo and Pacific Hues prints. 

100% rayon made from bamboo and cotton

157 cm x 120 cm

Care instructions
In order to maintain the quality of the fabric and prevent pilling and/or snagging, separate from other materials such as towels and hardware, like zippers or velcro, during the wash and dry process. Machine wash cold (without bleach), tumble dry on low heat.