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Roshambo Baby

Anti-Slip Ear Grips | Junior

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Roshambo Baby Slip Grip ear adjusters are made with a comfortable, stretchy, light, and easily detachable silicone material that is perfect for Roshambo Baby Junior Sunglasses.

How they work

These anti-slip grips will help keep your sunglasses in place so they won't slip, bounce, or fall off during adventure time and beach days with your little one. 

Easy to Use
Roshambo Baby ear grips have 2 slits in the side of each circle piece to push the arms of your glasses through. They only need to slide over the ends of the temple tips to rest behind your ear.

Comfortable Fit
Slide the grips to rest just behind your little ones ears in a comfortable spot. They should feel snug enough that your mini me can do cartwheels in them!