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Love & Lee

100% Bamboo Blanket - Pink

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A beautiful addition to any nursery, these bamboo blankets are soft and snuggly and will become the family favourite. Warm and cosy, Love & Lee bamboo blankets are generously large at 110cm by 130cm, can be used as a blanket and a swaddle and are perfect for children of all ages. 

Bamboo is great for babies delicate skin and is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-fungal. Love & Lee bamboo blankets are made from Oeko-Tex certified yarn ensuring no nasty chemicals are used so baby is completely safe.

You will find a FREE gift inside the packaging too! Raphy the Giraffe can be made with a child as a special activity, just follow the instructions on your 100% Bamboo Blanket packaging!

About Bamboo

Did you know that some species of bamboo can grow up to 90cm in 24 hours!  Bamboo reduces CO2 in our environment and even makes up to 30% more oxygen than an equal amount of trees. Bamboo is a sustainable and adaptable plant, it has a very high growth rate and can be grown in many different types of climates.  In addition, the regular harvesting of bamboo benefits the health of the plant as bamboo is classified as a grass.  When bamboo is harvested the canes grow back vigorously and increases the following years’ harvest.

The bamboo is manufactured using a closed loop process, without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring the most environmentally and safest process is used.

The process used for creating Love & Lee bamboo blankets and bamboo washcloths is the yarn fibres are created by the bamboo plant being crushed and using natural enzymes to break the plant down, the fibres are then created and spun into yarn.