Our Story

Born in 2018, Baby Steps on the Coast was established as an outlet for first time parents who were feeling overwhelmed by the bottomless pit of baby products and brands being thrown in their face at every turn! As first time parents ourselves it was honestly mind-boggling to sift through the mountains of brands to find a quality product that was safe for our baby, our planet and our bank account! 

As parents who are passionate about leaving the right kind of footprints for our children to follow in, we wanted to share our findings and product research with not just our family and friends, but everyone! We believe in protecting our precious ones skin with non-toxic, earth-friendly and sustainable clothing which also looks great, and so with a nudge of encouragement from loved ones, Baby Steps on the Coast was born!

Fast forward to 2020, as we welcomed our baby girl into the world, we took some time away from the business to settle as a family of four and also reflect on our growth as parents and business owners. We felt as we had grown that it was time for our business to grow as well. With a love of the tropics and coastal living (the tropical climate runs through my veins!) and so many of our customers being from coastal towns, we decided it was time to pull Baby Steps on the Coast back to its original vision and redirect our focus back to our passion - the beach. 

We have loved every minute of our business journey so far and would not be where we are today if it weren't for our loyal customers. We have listened to your requests, and have spent the last 12 months researching and curating what we believe to be some of the greatest beach and outdoor products on the market, and have again brought them together in one place to take the stress away from busy parents. Our little customers have grown and so have we, we now cater into early childhood years and will continue to grow our range of sustainable, practical, unique and affordable products for the whole family.  

- Rebecca Burke (Founder, Baby Steps on the Coast)