We're taking a break...

We're taking a break...

I have to say this a very bitter-sweet moment for me. I started Baby Steps on the Coast as a way to bring a little more income into our household whilst I was on maternity leave in 2018 and to help support my husband as he recovered from various Service related injuries. I started off with 4 brands, extremely naïve about the business world and too nervous to talk to my first customer at the first markets we ever did at Pottsville. Over time, and with my husband always by my side my confidence grew and so did our business.

As some of you may know I also founded BigToes Australia - the world's only colour changing toddler shoes that MIMIC barefoot walking! I can hand on heart say I never could have launched that business without the support of my customers, both online and the regulars we would see at markets who soon became friends. I cannot thank you all for the confidence you have helped me form.

And that brings me to my Why. My Why for creating Baby Steps was not only my family but also a strong desire to help new parents navigate that overwhelming world of shopping for baby products! I wanted to bring my love of the beach and ocean into this business and I truly love what Baby Steps has become.

My Why for BigToes was again my family, our son. I trialled so many shoes for his delicate little feet and wasn't happy with what was out there - other shoes either rubbed on his ankles and gave him stinky feet, or they weren't true barefoot shoes so we took matters into our own hands!

My Why for this decision to take a break, I choose to look at with optimism and success. There are two ultimate reasons I have chosen to take a break from Baby Steps on the Coast - The first being the SUCCESS we are having over at BigToes, this year we have grown our wholesale network, we have outgrown our original storage and moved into something larger, we have expanded overseas, we've won awards and we have helped 100s of little people confidently take their first steps.

The second reason I have made this decision is of course my family. The family that doctors told me I would never have. As we are finding our groove as a family of 5, I am embracing every minute we have with our children as little people. Every scraped knee, every bad dream, every night time feed. Every cuddle, every excited squeal at daycare pick up, every banana squashed into the couch! If I'm working on my business but one of my children invites me to their house for a cup of tea you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be in that cardboard tree house sipping air. And I'll be there until I've outstayed my welcome and I'm asked to leave! If I'm doing stocktake but my 4 year old asks me if I can colour with him - yep - I've already lost count and I'm getting into those crayons.

Look, the point to all of my rambling is I have 3 little people at home and my husband. I want to spend time with them and I cannot do that and run 2 businesses at the same time. So I've made a choice, the right choice for us. Our website will remain active with everything discounted to wholesale price (this includes parts of our BigToes inventory) until 31st December 2022 at which point we will turn off our site and will not be taking off-line orders. I can’t say how long we will be offline for, I do hope to be back in 2023, after I’ve had a break and some time to ‘fill my cup’.

2022 has been a tough year for our family and at the moment I'm just looking forward to 2023 being the time for us to move forward with less stress. Although our socials will remain active, our posts will be limited. If you'd like to continue to support our family business, please head over to give BigToes a like or follow on FaceBook or Instagram. Again, thank you everyone for your support over the last 4 years and I look forward to offering you a new look Baby Steps with refreshed customer service in the future.


PS - Take a look below at one of our first markets, and our last markets. I was actually 8 weeks pregnant at our last markets and boy was it a struggle with the heat and morning sickness!

Pottsville Beach Markets - 2019

Broadwater Christmas Markets - 2021